Lessons in sales from an adorable 2 year old

Lessons in sales from an adorable 2 year old…

I love my niece,…. she’s absolutely adorable and as my twin sister’s daughter we have a very special bond. So much so that I often mind her while my sister and brother in law are at work. 

Babysitting both emptied my wallet and filled my soul!

As I don’t have children … minding  a 2 1/2-year-old can be a wee bit of a shock to the system as filling one day takes massive amounts of planning and this unrealistic fear that it is a bad thing if she gets bored for 5 seconds ! 

It’s also a great opportunity for me to relive my childhood and have lots of fun. I like to think that she learns from me cause boy do I learn from her. Not only does she teach me to live in the moment but she keeps me on track in a way no one else can. 

Last Friday – I had planned to take her trampolining for the first time and also to get a purple juice to rehydrate (she love purple so we get a beetroot and apple juice as a treat…. although my fiancé laughs as he thinks I should buy her an ice cream as a treat). 

In my attempts to over deliver, we had a jam-packed day of fun including 2 Starbucks visits, trampolining, breakfast out, a trip to build a bear to buy a teddy bear, lunch out, a carousel ride and a trip to an indoor beach.

By 3 pm (how was it only 3 pm- it felt like 6 days had passed), I decided to take her home to watch cartoons on the tv and hopefully sleep. 

Whilst lying on the sofa, and feeling pretty chuffed with the day of fun I had just created, I asked Ciara if she had enjoyed her day…..

Her response… can I have my juice now? Purple juice please Ooagh (her name for me).

She was utterly shocked that I had failed to live up to my promises and I was utterly shocked that she had forgotten all of the extra things we had done that day ( with lots of ….. this didn’t happen in my day going through my head). She was thirsty and I was bewildered, tired,  considerably out of pocket and wondering why I didn’t just get her a glass of water. 

As a woman of my word, I had to compromise last minute and make her a strawberry, banana and almond milk smoothie and this seemed to appease her … until her parents came an hour later !

When I told my sister about our fab day and Ciara’s disdain over not receiving her purple juice – her response was simple …. don’t make a promise to a 2-year-old that you don’t intend to keep. Not only do they expect it but they expect it long before you’re ready to give it to them !!

How right she was – despite all of the extras I had proudly squeezed into our day – failing to get her a ‘purple juice’ was a faux pas on my part. 

Of course, I have perspective and I know Ciara will remember the day for how amazing it was – however, the lesson for me was that… no matter how much I over deliver if I don’t do as I promise my friends, family and clients will not be happy. 


Where do you do this in your business? 

Where do you over deliver (often tiring yourself out) but accidentally fail to do what you said you would do? 

Where do you offer up a strawberry and banana smoothie as a last minute replacement for a purple juice? 

How can you ensure that you do exactly as you say you will and when you choose to over deliver … your client will recognise that you have gone above and beyond?

Take note from a 2 year old – amazing and all as these added extras are… they mean very little if you don’t do as you said you would do. I was exhausted and felt like I had spoilt her that day when she did not ask me for any extras and would have been happy with her trampolining and purple juice. 

Always fulfill promises first and then smash expectations afterwards. 

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I believe in you and in your success. Go be authentically awesome!

Chat soon Orlaith

Orlaith Brogan

Orlaith Brogan