You want help to make your business grow, package what you’re offering so it connects with your ideal client, and sell it in a way that matches your brand, values and personality. 


You want to feel energised, excited and inspired by your business. 


And you want more money, less stress and more time for the important things in life – family, friends and fun.


If only you knew how to make it happen.


Because at the moment you feel stuck, aren’t achieving what you want to and have no idea what to do next.


You charge too little, work far too much and don’t see yourself as a natural when it comes to selling.


Who am I?


I’m Orlaith and I work with small business owners like you who want to feel more confident, attract more clients, and get paid what they’re worth.

As a successful, Sales and Business Coach I work with solopreneurs and women who run small businesses who want to:


  • be clear about what they want for and from their business
  • feel comfortable raising their rates and confident in what they charge
  • stop missing out on sales because they’re too embarrassed to promote themselves, or follow up with potential clients
  • say goodbye to confusion, frustration and the little voice in their head that whispers ‘you can’t do this’
  • market their business creatively and in ways that make the most of their strengths
  • learn how to sell without feeling fake, pushy or overbearing

I believe it’s totally possible to build a business you love that gives you the lifestyle you want without having to run yourself ragged. 

When you have the right mindset, skills and knowledge you’ll save time, money and be able to put your ideas into action.


Why work with me?


After helping my clients double their sales, and creating a sales strategy that earns over six figures a year, it’s fair to say that I know my stuff.


When you work with me you’ll get access to everything I know about business and sales. As we work together I’ll encourage you to think about your mindset – how it helps and how it gets in the way, analyse what you’ve tried so far and give you guidance and practical, specific suggestions to help make your business the success I know it can be.


By the time we’re finished you’ll know what to prioritise, how to meet your goals and have masses of techniques you can use in the future.


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I believe in you and your right to have an authentically awesome life and business. Let’s work together to make it happen.