What darts can teach you about business success.


My other half loves sport !

So much so that every time I turn on the television the first channel that comes on is a sports channel. It has gotten to the stage whereby he updates me nightly on the progress of his fantasy football team (scorning me when I don’t congratulate him on their amazing achievements ….. fantasy football!!).

He regularly asks me to watch sports with him and recently he asked me to watch some darts. Imagine it …. a rare night in on the couch and rather than a rom-com or nordic drama, I am watching darts ….. YAWN…… Well fast forward 20 minutes and I am loving DARTS. A sentence I never thought I would say out loud !! It was incredible.

I was impressed not only by the skill, the fun the audience was having and the sportsmanship but by the strategies and tactics the darts players were using to achieve success. I learned so much in that hour that I just had to share it with you all.

Here’s what I learned watching darts for an hour

1. Find your hot number

The aim of darts (from my limited perspective) is to get from 501 to zero in the lowest number of throws (there are other things to consider like finishing on a double etc). Professional darts players will often aim for the highest number on the darts board that they need to achieve success.

It can be tempting for us to aim for the ‘highest number’ in business even if it is not what works best for us. Do you feel that you have to be the best business person straight out of the gate or you have to earn X amount of money or you have failed at business? Is this causing you stress and making you unhappy and even feeling stuck in your business? 

There is more than one way to get from 501 to zero and there is more than one way to succeed in business. Maybe we should take some advice for darts players and aim for the highest number that works best for you. Even if we aim for the highest number and miss… at least we tried ! We all have to start somewhere and we always have more darts to throw. 

2. Ignore your opponents throw.

My competition does this.. they have this type of website…. they update their social media X times a day…. their packages include this….they send out 10 e-mails a week and their list has X many subscribers. 

It sounds crazy but there is little to be learned by looking at what your competitor is doing. A lot of people let their competitors ‘throw’ impact their business game. It’s counter productive- wish your competition well and focus on your own game.

The only time to look at your competitors activities is when you can use this to genuinely spur you on to take acton.

3. Work on slowing down your breathing.

As the darts game got exciting, I noticed the darts players come towards the board and slow down to compose themselves before throwing the dart. This change in demeanour can massively alter their next throw.

When are you pumped up and full of adrenaline and need to slow down, breathe before taking the next step? Never underestimate the power of calmness. Acting on impulse can lead to mistakes. 

4. Following your aim.

Sometimes darts players can throw badly because they are trying to hard to aim their darts. Concentrating too hard on where the dart is going can lead to a poor throw. Darts players focus hard on the first throw and will use that dart as a marker.

How many times do you focus too much on what you want to achieve in your business as opposed to your throw (your every day activity). Focusing on the end result can mean we do not take the required action for a number of reasons

  • We feel not good enough.
  • We are aiming too high and not sure where to start. 
  • We worry about what others will think and do not take action.

Aim high, know where you want to go, focus on your aim and then work on your throw. work every day on what you will do to reach your target. Success is achieved through what you do every day, not where you want this to take you. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. What can darts teach you about your business? 

Please share this article with any of your friends or family who would value such advice. 

I believe in you and your authentically awesome business and life. 

Orlaith x


Orlaith Brogan

Orlaith Brogan