How to be authentic in your life and business.

Are you an Eminem fan ?

Nope, me neither. I used to think he was cute and loved him in that film, 8 Mile, based loosely on his life. A film I had forgotten about until recently when it was on the TV again. 

After that some of his songs clawed their way onto my Spotify playlist as I researched his songs. I have to be honest in that I never really got his music but I loved the fact that he was true to himself. 

He didn’t make excuses and in a world that he didn’t really fit into he carved a very successful career, not by trying to be like everyone else, but by being himself. After watching this film, I was very inspired by his authenticity and individuality. 


For those of you who don’t yet know…..I am an identical twin

Twenty minutes after I was born, my sister Tara came into the world. I have been blessed to have a companion through life and know first hand the power of individuality. People always expect us to be the same person when we are so very different. I have always been proud of being an individual ! 

Individuality, however, is very different to authenticity!

Being different from others, even those you share DNA with, is not the same as being true to yourself.

I don’t compete with my sister because I understand our differences and that we have our own personalities. Perhaps the time I spent highlighting our differences could have been spent focusing on what makes me, me.

I used to think that being an individual was the secret to sales and business success but now I know that it is authenticity, for by being authentic you are also being individual but more importantly you are being yourself.

When you are genuine, when you live with authenticity a world of possibility opens up for you. You are less of an adjusted version of someone you are trying to be and more of the real you.

Are you being authentic in your business?

It’s important to identify where you are not being true to yourself and to adjust some actions so you are living your life and your business and not exhausting yourself living how you think you should. 

What do you think you should do in your business?

What have people told you that you have to do?
What did you read in a magazine or blog post that made you feel you had to have in your business (even when you didn’t know what it was)? Here are some examples….You have to have a website, you have to have professional photos, you have to be active on twitter, you have to have landing pages, you have to be on Pinterest you have to network every week etc.

Who do you need to be like to have a successful business? 
There’s bound to be a beautiful entrepreneur you have to look and act just like to be successful.

What do you want to do in your business?

What type of products / services do you want to sell
(if you don’t know if they will sell yet- that’s fine just answer this as honestly as you can)?

What type of marketing do you want to use
(even if you don’t yet know how to work them)?

What type of photos do you want on your website?
  Do you even want photos or a website? If so, will they be stuffy / fun / formal etc?

What kind of people do you want to work with?

Who is the real you?

This is not a trick question. In order to be truly happy and successful in your business, the real you must be present and happy with every aspect of the business. If you are not happy you will not be able to sell !

When are you at your most happiest?

What’s your favourite food?

What are your favourite hobbies?

What do you like most about yourself?

How can you share the real you with your customers?

  • Blogs?
  • Videos?
  • Humour?
  • Honesty?
  • Energy?

When running your business, it is important that it is YOUR business and not what you think others would like your business to be.

There are so many imitations out there….. just be you. Be the real you and watch how many people are attracted to your inspiring honesty.

Ps – The real me loves Starbucks soya chai lattes, sweet potatoes, kale, pineapple and ginger juice, the eurovision song contest and nordic dramas. I can be inappropriate at times and have no filter! I am ridiculously enthusiastic and I love life.  If I was to be the person I thought others wanted to be, i’d miss out on the joy of being me.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Who do you know that would benefit from it? Please share it with them. 

I believe in you and your authentically awesome business and life. 

Have a fab week.

Orlaith xxx

Orlaith Brogan

Orlaith Brogan