Do you love your business?

Do you love your business?…

We’ve all been there…. scrolling through your facebook feed and you notice a picture that contains your ex ! You can’t resist and you have to click on the photo and see what he (or she) looks like now.

In my case it was the guy I deeply loved when I was 15 (who am I kidding – from 15-17) and boy was I madly in love. Everything he did was perfect ! Even when he kissed my (former) best friend- it was all her fault and he remained blameless. I was in love and I wanted the world to know it. The fact that it remained largely unrequited did not seem to bother me I had found the perfect man and the world needed to know.

Fast forward 15 years and all of a sudden I am seeing him through a different light. I remembered him to be taller, more muscular and where had his beautiful energy gone. He looked tired and not someone I would be in the slightest bit attracted to. All of a sudden all of the things my friends said to me were true – he was not perfect!!
Like I said- we have all been there – we have all fallen madly in love and everything was seen through a ‘love lens’ . A ‘love lens’ is where you see things as perfect- even when they are not.
So….. Are you a fool in love with your business? Are you so madly in love with your business that you are making the same mistakes you made in ‘that’ relationship?

Here’s the thing …. most business people fall madly in love with their business and forget the real people to fall in love with are their customers!!

When I was 16 (following the incident with my former friend)…. my mother told me to put myself first and not the object of my affection and of course I ignored her. I mean the signs that I was making mistakes were there all along but I choose to ignore them.

Allow me to take the place of your mother during your teenage years and offers you some advice……

Fall in love with your customers more than your business.

Your customers are number 1 and should always come first. I don’t mean bending over backwards to please everyone – I mean identify your ideal customers and fall in love with what they want from you and your business.

What do you offer that will make their life better?

If you are currently a fool in love with your business and want to change your ways and ‘romance’ your customers ask yourself the following questions (if you are not sure of the answers – ask your customers too).

Do you offer products and services you know your customers really want or something you think they should want?
Is your business based around your customers needs and wants or what you want to do all day?

How do you deliver your product or service? Does it suit you or them?
(for example I was approached by a personal trainer who did not work weekends. As a customer this did not suit me so had to look elsewhere).

How much are your customers prepared to pay for a solution they really need and want?

I hope the above gives you some food for thought. I am off to reconnect with my former friend and to offer an apology.

Till next time, Orlaith xx

Orlaith Brogan

Orlaith Brogan