Princess for a day ?


For me a perfect Sunday afternoon is roaming through the shops and hearing my niece, Ciara, scream from a few aisles away …. Aunty Oooaha (she can’t quite say Orlaith) where are you! 

When she eventually sees me at the end of an aisle (and much to everyone else’s relief) she runs to me in silence and and gives me a big hug.

She just melts my heart ! 

On this occasion in particular I really wanted to show her off as I had just bought her an Anna dress (think Frozen; feisty princesses, an evil prince, high notes and seeing the characters on everything from re-useable shopping bags to kids’ soap!) and although I had suspicions the material was very flammable …. she loved it!

She loved it so much that she was now convinced that she was Anna from Frozen

I am not sure when Disney Princesses roamed Matalan and Boots with a tub of mango but she was sold ! 

I happily went along with it and called her Anna for a bit and at one point she took me to the side and said ‘Don’t worry Oooaha, it’s me Ciara. I’m not Anna. I am just pretending’.





I was grateful for the clarification (and wondering how she could compose a sentence like that and still not say Orlaith). 

I have heard about faking it until you make it but this kid had it nailed! A £20 (who am I kidding it was £4 in the sale and clearly made of plastic) dress made her feel invincible and like the Princess she admired the most. 

Now I am certainly not advocating all little girls (or women for that matter) aspiring to be Princesses but I do think that we should rule our own world

We don’t need a Prince to save or provide for us but as female business owners we need to step up, put on our crown and rule our own empire

What’s stopping you from building and ruling your empire? 

Is it the little voice in your head that thinks, they’ll know this is not the real me and I am in fact just like this gorgeous 3 year old and pretending to be a princess? 

Is it because you don’t know what to do next and you cannot quite work out how you will go from servant to ruler? 

It doesn’t matter what is holding you back, what matters is that you decide to get out of your own way, put on your princess dress and learn to rule as you go along. 

There will be no coronation ceremony, no prince to walk you down the aisle. Yes, you deserve to rule you own life but being a princess is a decision and not a destiny! 

Following in my niece’s footsteps and become a princess and rule your own life by:


  • Identifying what you want in your life and business. 

If only deciding on what we wanted was as easy as playing hide and seek in Matalan with your aunty and spotting an Anna dress in the kids section. 

It’s not! It’s more often the case that you are so used to not knowing what you want or going with the flow that you’d accept anything that you thought was a little different to your current reality! 

Stop !!!! Take the time to dream !! Ciara didn’t ask me for this dress cause it was on sale and this meant there was an increased chance of me buying it for her. She wanted it cause she genuinely felt it would make her a princess and just like her favourite Disney character. 

Dare to dream ! Go with your wildest imagination and use that as a starting point. 

  • It takes commitment! 

I have never seen dedication like that of a 3 year old, already wearing the Anna dress climbing up on the checkout counter and stretching across it so the lady on the till could remove the security tag (like we lasted until the checkout before putting it on).  

She further went on to show how head strong she was when she put the dress on over her clothes (me, I did that) and walked round the shops on a scorching hot day refusing to take off her dress as she was clearly loving being Anna. 

It’s going to be hard work! Having a life that others only dream of will not be easy! Make peace now that it will take effort there will be people who think you can’t do it (or worse still people who think you can, when you don’t) and that’s okay. Just know it will take effort and get started! 

  • You’ll make mistakes but you have to keep going. 

In this case … not being able to hold it all in until you reached the toilet! Potty training, sopping trips, car journeys and Princesses don’t always mix. Not that my little Princess seemed bothered. 

I wonder if the flammable material is also machine washable ?? 

Mistakes show you’re trying! Nothing is perfect nor should you aim for perfection. Aim to move forward day by day. Aim for progress. 

  • It’s okay to want more ! 

Success is a journey and not a destination. As you start to achieve your dreams and smash your goals, you’ll build momentum and set more. In Ciara’s case she got into the car and said she ‘wished I had bought the Elza dress for Mama and she could mind it for Mama’ . I am sure mama would have loved that! 

I admired her sassiness but did not rush back to get her the second dress. Maybe next time.


My challenge to you is to act like the ruler of your life …. one day at a time. Wake up tomorrow and ask yourself what would the princess version of me do today to build her empire? 

Focus on one day, stop being a servant to the world you have tolerated and start to be a Princess build your Kingdom and change your destiny. 

I believe in you ! You deserve an authentically awesome life and business. To your success. 

Orlaith xx

Orlaith Brogan

Orlaith Brogan