Struggling to achieve your goals?


Have you got massive goals what you want to achieve? 

  • Do you struggle to stick to plans? 
  • Do you get really excited about something new, start it (quickly) and shortly afterwards you abandon it in favour of something else? 
  • Are you starting to feel fed up and losing faith in your own ability to ‘follow through’?
  • Have you overdosed on motivational quotes on social media and are starting to realise that they don’t contribute to your success? 

I am a positive person and believe that everything is possible….. but here’s the thing …. Success won’t be achieved by magic! 

It won’t be achieved by making huge goals in January and never following through with HARD WORK

It certainly won’t be achieved by doing exactly what you did last year!

You are not going to look at a quote on Facebook and think: that’s it, I must change everything I do and achieve this goal immediately and without any distractions. 

  • Have you ever wondered why you don’t always achieve what you want? 
  • Why you set a clear goal, visualise yourself achieving it and then it doesn’t happen?

The answer is simple; we forget that losing motivation is a natural part of success! 

Wow, doesn’t that feel amazing? To acknowledge that faffing, distraction, lack of motivation, fear that you can’t reach your goals are all normal and part of a well-worn path to success. 

Before you set goals for yourself it is essential to realise that there are 4 stages 

Here they are (aka the emotional cycle of change)


First of all, you have the initial period of UNINFORMED OPTIMISM. 

Have you ever met an expectant mother talking about their child and how it will sleep all night, eat well, never cry and just be …. well …… a doll!

That’s what we are like when we set goals, we think that everything will be amazing and this time everything is going to be different (getting flashbacks to when I last joined the gym). 

You are optimistic because you are uber motivated and want everything to go well and achieve your amazing goals but you are uninformed because you haven’t considered the detail and what you need to do on a daily basis to achieve your dreams. 

It’s really easy to get to this stage and this is why so many entrepreneurs jump from one business venture to another, one coaching programme to another imagining that this new thing will be the secret to success (there is no secret!). 


Whoa, this stage can sneak up on you as you start to realise what it really takes to achieve success:

  • The work required
  • The commitment

Hang on a minute, this isn’t what you signed up for (take me back to stage one immediately). 

At this stage, you are probably going to justify your current position:

  • Maybe my full-time job isn’t that bad after all. 
  • Maybe we don’t need a holiday every year
  • Maybe I don’t need to earn what I did in my ‘day job’

You want excuses and you want them now! You may even be searching for (very good) reasons why you don’t have to do the work! 

Can it get any worse than this ….. oh yes it can as you enter….


How on earth did I get here? This is awful!

Time to throw in the towel, I can’t do this! Time to get back to the safety on UNINFORMED OPTIMISM and start this process all over again (with something new of course- something that will produce instant results!). 

HANG ON A MINUTE:  Think for a moment, what will really happen if you give up now? Will next time really be different? 

Of course, it won’t! That’s why so many people spend their life of a vicious loop between Uninformed Optimism, Informed Pessimism and The Valley of despair. 

What kind of life is that? 

  • Miserable
  • Depressed
  • No faith in your ability to succeed
  • Bitter
  • Wondering why others are ‘made for’ success and you just aren’t

Take some time and think: HOW DO I GET OUT OF THE VALLEY OF DESPAIR? How do I create the life I deserve? 

The answer is simple – commit to it! 

Do what you said you’ll do (even though it’s harder than you thought it would be). 

Decide exactly what you want (disclaimer – not what you think you want)

Do the work……. EVERY DAY. 

Because it’s worth it and soon you will move onto the final stage INFORMED OPTIMISM

How refreshing…… you know exactly what you want and what it takes to achieve it! 

Yes, it is hard (oh so hard) work but you have decided that you are okay with that and you will do the work EVERY DAY. 

You will do the work: 

  • every when you are tired
  • when you don’t feel like it
  • when you want to see your friends
  • when your favourite tv show is on

You know it won’t be perfect but it will be done!

What’s the secret to success? 

It’s simple you: 

  • Do the work
  • Measure what worked
  • Fix what didn’t and 

Keep going until you have achieved your goal. 

Oh wait, you knew that already? Of course, you did. You’ve known all along.

You deserve an authentically awesome business and life. Commit to it and do whatever it takes to achieve success. 

With love – Orlaith xx


Orlaith Brogan

Orlaith Brogan