Do you run your business like your weekly shop?

I am going to let you in on a secret ….. I hate being prepared. I am very much a ‘do it at the last minute’ sort of person and you’ll often find me:

  • Preparing to speak in public the night before.
  • Packing for holidays the morning we are going.
  • Booking my holidays/flights/train/pretty much all travel last minute (and still seem to get great prices).
  • Doing my Christmas shopping last minute or
  • Booking that gym class an hour before it starts.

I have always been this way and cannot really explain why but always felt like it because I wanted to live in the now, get things done, enjoy the moment.

I could never understand what my twin sister was always so prepared and booked her flights home for Christmas in September when I waited until December.

However, there is one are where I have a plan…. not an airtight plan that I cannot deviate from but when looking to grow my business and generate new clients, I know what I want to do and when I will do it.


I know what matters to my clients and how I am able to help them.

I look at it like this – you’re off to do your weekly shop and you forget your list. It’s okay cause you don’t need one.. do you?

It’s quite exciting as you roam through the shops placing random items into your trolley:

  • Kettle chips
  • Pizza
  • Ready meals (how rock and roll)
  • Diet coke
  • Large bar of chocolate
  • Kitchen towel
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Bananas (we need some fruit)
  • A cheeky 3 for 2 – does it really matter what this was. It was on offer.

You walk around feeling really chuffed with your purchases (not to mention the excitement of enjoying a chocolate brownie whilst walking around Tesco).

Breeze through the checkout – slightly raised eyebrows at the price… a little more expensive than you first thought….. It must have been the kitchen towel.

Questioning your addiction to brand named kitchen towel you leave the supermarket.

How long before you need to go to the shop again?

In my case it’s usually as soon as my fiancé draws my attention to theft that I forgot all of the things he asked for (he could have text) and I say nothing as I unpack the shopping realising that I don’t have nearly enough food to last the week and I spent way more than normal. I resign myself to the fact that I will be visiting the supermarket a few times this week to top up on the vital items to feed us for the week.

For now, though, I want to read my book with a diet coke and a bag of kettle crisps whilst sitting on the couch.

It’s hard to imagine that something as simple as a meal plan and a shopping list not only saves you time but means your eat healthier and spend considerably less on your weekly shop?

It’s one of those things that are so simple that they are easily ignored and we see countless TV programmes on the telly helping people save money on their weekly shopping by having a plan. I watched a show last week where a family of 5 could afford an all inclusive holiday to a 5-star resort just by creating a plan and shopping smarter. They hadn’t been on a family holiday … EVER !!

Are you running your business like this family does their weekly shopping?

Are you frantically looking for customers …. getting one or two (probably poor quality ones) and a short while later you need more?

Have you lots of clients in your database but you’re not sure they will buy from you again and you’re not sure you want to work with them again?

Are you struggling to gain a consistent stream of customers in your business?

You are not alone and it is really common. You’re just doing your ‘weekly shopping’ wrong. You are popping to the shops, looking for customers and spending a lot of money (and energy) getting one or two. 

What you need is a plan (this will be about as glamorous a plan as your weekly shopping list):

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What can you offer them and how will it improve their lives?
  • How can you reach your ideal clients and build relationships with them?
  • When will they want to purchase what you offer?
  • How will you ask for the sale?

You should plan all of this out in advance. If you don’t you’ll probably find that you are:

  • Trying to appeal to everyone
  • Not getting many sales
  • Failing to build long-term relationships with clients
  • Unsure of where to start so you fill your days with unproductive work to make you appear ‘busy’

A plan takes effort, time to create and implement and time to see results so you may find that you need to balance your old ways of selling to everyone (frantically in the now) with creating and implementing your plan.

Then once you have your plan … all of your energy MUST go into implementing it.

Here to help you create an authentically awesome business and life.


Orlaith Brogan

Orlaith Brogan